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How it works? Simple, 3 levels, 12 modules and an absolute guarantee!


At the Built Better Project, we begin the Under Construction Program with the first two modules which set a strong Foundation. The foundations are muddy, confronting, and where the hard work is – but remember… strong broad foundations.


You will then move up and into the Basement. Here you are on your way to seeing some light, at the same time in these two modules you are reinforcing the groundwork.


Next you pop out of the ground and start showing your Core; your being starts to be reflected from what you have learnt about yourself from within, you start to practice and measure it while creating on the outside. These four modules are full of fun and practical learning.


Full of confidence, you will then hit the Upper Levels. These two modules sit on a strong Core and a robust Basement, and a broad, solid Foundation. We often see in society that some people were born into or put in this position, but when you reach this part of the project you will have earnt it, become it. These two modules are effortless and will unlock for you whatever it is you wish to create for yourself.


The Penthouse. In a world where almost anything can be bought and the journey in becoming can be bypassed, we keep these two modules locked. This isn’t about money, influence or how many chickens you want to barter for our ducks. You have to earn the right to be here, this is community.


The best part about the program is when you complete it there is no rule saying you can't rebuild yourself again, become a property developer of sorts. The difference is that the next time round you will have a blueprint which is replicable, be a natural leader with all the tools, and supported by a strong community who are also building better themselves. You will no longer have to work the model in a linear way, instead knowing where you need to go in order to become.

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Our Values become our personal branding, our very own T&C’s in which we lead from and then map over other elements of life. 

Many people conventionally sell themselves every day and subconsciously conform to and serve the Values of others. Those being of society, religion, family, school and the workplace. Until we do the work & uncover our Values ourselves, we’ll continue resentfully living by the terms & conditions of others. In this module, your Values become your unconventional compass.

When we begin to align our choices with our Core Values it offers the opportunity to gain clarity and step into a more purposeful & empowering life. A life with direction, a greater sense of fulfilment & deepened connection to self.


Beliefs are like a pair of glasses, the prism through which we experience life… and most of them are bullshit!

How we see the world & how we interpret reality is wholly dependent on the type of glasses we wear. It's about what we tell ourselves, about ourselves, when viewing ourselves; and then there are the stories we make up about others! Our 'bullshit stories' are the lies that create a subconscious glass ceiling that prevents us from reaching our potential & keeps us at the effect of life, rather than being of cause. So the question is, are your lenses helping you or hindering you?...


This is one of the most important modules because we become conscious of which Beliefs we need to let go of, and which ones we need to highlight or adopt to align with our Values. We ensure you pay attention to your Beliefs in every module because they run rife in every area of people's lives.

Once people align their Beliefs with their Values it forms a collaborative partnership of inner trust and motivation. The foundations are discovered and laid, and it’s then time to take inspired action!


Now that there is an inner trust it's time to get courageous! Doubt is replaced with clarity and we invite people to start consciously building Behaviours that are aligned with their Foundation.

It’s where ‘I do me’, and ‘you do you’ come together and ask “what can we do together?” Isn't that what a functioning society should look like?


Our Behaviours either enable our Beliefs, or they expose them; the difference is awareness and conscious application. What lies beneath the surface hidden in our subconscious has more control over our way of being than we realise. Many who live out of alignment with their Values and form a negative Belief system live a life of fear, scarcity and victimhood. 


​By having dug into the unknown & developed a conscious self-awareness, we can step into a beingness that is aligned with our Values & Empowering Beliefs. It’s the first step in powerfully showing the world who we are.


What fills your tank? Social media is full of confusing solutions promising to equal your well-being with that of a meditating monk on a mountain in Tibet! 

We listen to the success of others without truly discovering and understanding the processes that make us feel great & what works uniquely for us. Wellness is about taking time out to reflect, connect, and recharge ourselves in a positive way which feels into us.


Through our newly created Behaviours, we encourage people to try new things and create new experiences. It could be meditating, lifting heavy weights, or running marathons; what matters most is discovering what leaves you feeling fulfilled, proud and buzzing full of energy so when challenging times do come, you have the internal fortitude to sit with them unattached and move yourself to where your intentions are. Who would've thought construction could be so 'woo-woo!'



Society is very much full of people talking at each other, rather than with each other. It’s a power-play of manipulation through language, body, mind and energy. Why so difficult?


Your voice is your calling card, it projects your personality & much like your eyes, it acts like a window to the soul. Through discovering, nurturing and actioning the Foundations and Basement this ‘window’ is ready to be opened and heard.


This is the first module of our Core. It’s the street level of this metaphorical skyscraper we are building and it is our goal to empower you to authentically communicate yourself so you are listened to & understood. It’s where you are heard… where you ROAR!


“Can’t live with them, can’t live without them” - how often have we heard that!

Relationships are the web of life, and we either set people up to trap or disable them, or we nurture our networks to enable everyone within them to prosper. Like Communication, this is a dense module that unpacks so many different areas because there are so many different Relationships we deal with every day.

Coupled on the back of Communication, which is linked to every module before it, it is in this module that the true self starts being expressed.


What got you here, won’t get you there, so in this third module of the Core you get to create with power, or adapt and wither. 


It is said that you are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Whoever said this gave us the secret juice to life. Let us say it another way; if you hang around idiots… you're probably an idiot!


It’s in this module that there is a choice to be made where you have the tools to move forwards into what you want, or stay under the influence of your circumstances and surroundings.

Up until now, the work has been experiential and practical. In this module, people need to really become intentional and challenge their surroundings. They can knowingly fall back into a life of mediocrity, or blazingly create what they want for themselves, how they want it, why they want it, and whom they want with them along the way.

Environment is a choice, and in this module, we learn about the impacts of our choices…


Do you want to be rich, or do you want to be wealthy? By following the Built Better Project up until now you would begin to understand the distinction between the two.

Our schooling system doesn’t prepare our children to be wealthy. It prepares them to be workers. Often these workers evolve into people who hold resentment for the wealthy, and instead of becoming curious (something the schooling system says it encourages, but really doesn’t), they become judgemental of the wealthy.


Gossip is the currency of the poor and this is why many rich people gossip. Wealthy people build themselves out of a strong foundation and are led from an empowering belief system. Wealthy people know that success is more about currency, and currency is more about money. They know what they want and who they want to be, and they know what resources are required to responsibly achieve these things.

In this module, we learn the basics of what it is to manage one’s finances because doing so will enable them to use these principles as a catapult to abundance. Within Finances, we discover what ‘enough’ is for you, what’s important and how to achieve it through the most commonly used means of exchange - money!

We love this module because at the end of it we so often hear, “ah, now I get it!”


They shoot, they score… but really, what are people really aiming for? People shoot for everything, aim at nothing and then complain there is no target.


Being around the Personal Development space for over 20 years we have found the big issue is people are developing just that - their Persona. They are developing their ‘mask’, thus rejecting their authentic self and living a life void of inner validation. To put this simply, how many people out there have great ‘stuff’, and achieved fantastic things… but are still dissatisfied and miserable?

They are creating Goals based on external validations, comparisons and worst of all because society and their environment tell people they should have goals and what they should be!

There’s an old saying that if you’re part of the rat race and win the race, you’re still a rat.


You would’ve seen by now that this is NOT a Personal, or Professional Development program. This is all about SELF-Development. Through constructivism techniques we ask questions, suggest exercises, and offer tools. After all, you are Under Construction and we tell you to do nothing in any particular way. Our goal is that you become your own Construction Manager for your life.

Our Goals module is the first of the Upper Floors. It’s where your Goals are born out of your beingness, these Goals feel so aligned that they become obvious intentions. As they are set atop your strong Foundation and Core they are yours, and yours alone.



There are only two things that are fixed in life; birth and death, the rest is an adventure that either enables or disables people.

We have Goals, we then receive new information, correct our course to suit, become a better person, evolve, and change. In this miracle of life which only lasts a blip, we ask why do people stay so fixed!

How can people scaffold into a better person, practice and reinforce new intentional experiences to BE-come a better version of themselves if they stay fixed and attached to the commitments their older version made?

For us, Planning is all about direction. We give you the mud-map and you take step to the right, and step to the left as you correct towards your ultimate destination. Because its all about experiencing, reflecting and applying feedback (we encourage mistakes). We understand that a life Under Construction will have many challenges which will open many doors, which in turn will offer different directions... aligned directions.

So where do you really want to go?


Welcome to The Penthouse! By now you would’ve seen how this Penthouse is very different to the one much of society strives for. Throw anything at this structure of Self you have created and we are certain that you will have the tools and strength to withhold.


The Penthouse is a membership offered by invitation or application only. Think of it as an ongoing, live workshop where the community is as much a part of you as you are of it. It’s about bringing together a community of people who have only one thing in common - their authentic selves, and through each other understand how precious each life is. We encourage differences across all areas because by now people would’ve integrated their true self, and learnt how to be with another's true self and still openly collaborate and cooperate.


In this module being at cause takes a whole different meaning. We understand that what we do and who we be has a significant impact through the ripples we leave. It’s an Environment which surpasses our current idea of leadership, and takes people into the space of ownership and accountability. It’s an Environment that encourages, supports and enables projects on a global scale, together. It’s where true giving enhances one’s being, and opens the portal to receiving… all without having expectations of any receiving at all.


Congratulations, you are now a Constructivist! Having worked your way to a crescendo and attained Self-Mastery through experiencing yourself through life it is easy to think, “I am done." But are you???


As you have learnt, life is about de-constructing our Self, to then consciously re-construct our Self. When we reach this platform of our true Self, an interesting thing may occur having taken ownership and authentic residency in this structure. There is now an opportunity to see things that are only offered to those atop a Penthouse. 

This is where we welcome you to the Hu-being experience, where being a human is so yesterday!

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