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After being in the construction industry for over 20 years and employing close to 1000 people, Filimon has observed the similarities between building a skyscraper and constructing people. With a rich cultural history Filimon grew up amongst the knees of elders, embracing philosophical conversations from young, while understanding the importance of mentorship. Filimon was viewed by many as a rebellious contrarian, when in truth he has lived a life built on conscious virtues which align with him, for him.

Learning and applying countless modalities over the years, Filimon still believes his best learnings have come from observing human behaviour in the rawest arena of them all; the construction industry. From there, he learnt to throw away the textbook and offer one question to people that allows him to educate and facilitate. What would your calling be if you followed your childhood dreams?      

Filimon was born into business, and since his early 20’s he has run and owned several successful companies following the Philosophy of ‘human decisions before business decisions.’ He understood that by building people, business becomes easy.


Despite having traditional roots, Filimon is anything but traditional when it comes to education and how he delivers it. He never fit in at school so he naively told himself from a very young age that when he grows up, he will create his own. He brings a unique twist to the way he delivers by challenging the status quo and being a voice for those that are looking for the courage to find theirs. He radically believes that any hardship can be overcome, and creatively uses humour and abruptness to connect with people while stimulating them to take action.

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