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Career Catalysts

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'Career Catalysts', the support team that could be your next secret weapon in preparing students for a successful future.


For decades, students have been asked, "What career would you like to have when you finish school?" However, our approach challenges this norm by focusing on the question, "Who do you want to become?"


The traditional approach of Have-Do-Be, where students Have to get certain grades, Have to know what to do & Have to pick certain subjects. Then Do their assignments, Do what is required & Do what they are told. To then Be successful, Be capable & Be an example as a student in order to Be enough.


Our approach flips the script, emphasising



We create an inquiry around who the student wants to Be, then provide them with the resources to take ownership of their learning & empower them to discover what they need to Do. 

After that, they create a vision, setting themselves on a path where they can Have the things they CHOOSE, over the things that were DECIDED for them.


With our support, the burden of choosing the 'right career' transitions into a springboard for a purpose-driven path. Students will uncover their core Values, understand the origin & break free from self-limiting narratives & understand their unique way of learning to cultivate an aligned direction.

Alongside this, we equip them with vital skills to shift from negative moods to constructive ones, such as Resignation to Ambition. 

This transformation in their emotional states is not just a matter of personal well-being; it holds immense value in their pursuit of a successful career. 

Explore our comprehensive program, featuring a keynote speech, facilitated sessions & optional one-on-one coaching. For a detailed overview, download our information pack, or keep scrolling to discover more about our offerings.

What we Offer

Our Framework


We value what's important to us. By uncovering & understanding their values, students will be inspired to choose a career where they can be of value.

BS Story

The stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, when we are with ourselves become a self-serving prophecy, a narrative that traps us into a cycle of incapableness that is difficult to break free from. By spotlighting these stories, through our 6-step 'squiggly wiggly' students remove the power of these stories & can then create what is possible from the 'space of nothingness.'


There are elements which enable our learning & others which disable them, the term we use is Enemies & Allies of Learning - everyone develops believable stories around both of them. This section is important because in order for a student to BEcome, the way they view themselves as a learner will be a divisive driver.


We are always in a mood! After working with students & young adults for close to a decade, we have found that the moods of Resentment, Resignation & Anxiety are ever-increasing. Once we teach students to shift their moods, they can then go on to shape their lives. This is the most powerful part of the program & envelopes all other parts.

Career Advisor Collaboration

Career Advisors play a  pivotal role in a student's journey & we firmly believe in their substantial influence during the high school-to-career transition. Recognising the relentless demands on educators, we see the need for additional support to enhance the nurturing of this vital student-advisor relationship. Our dedication lies in providing a service that complements & strengthens the advising process.


Through our unique approach of delving into students' thoughts, emotions & personal narratives, we construct a powerful pathway collaboratively. This insight equips advisors with the necessary tools to offer not only effective but also deeply rewarding guidance, enriching their role & increasing their impact.

Schedule a Zoom call with us today to learn more about how we can work together to support your students & Career Advisors.


Keynote Speech


Facilitated Sessions


1-1 or Group Coaching

To explore the potential for one-on-one or group coaching, kindly reach out to us at

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